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We’re gonna keep this as brief as possible, but we’d like to give a warm and enthusiastic and super-excited welcome to our two freshest members, vocalist/guitarist/flautist, Karla Valentine, and bassist, Heinrich Griessel. You can read a little more about each of them below.


Karla learnt to sing and play piano before she learnt to talk, which means she had her priorities firmly in place right from the very beginning. She took on the flute at the age of 8. Then, craving a little more of that tasty musical magic, she picked up the guitar when she hit 12 years of age. Since that fateful day, Karla’s kept busy writing comforting melodies and thoughtful lyrics in genres that span blues, folk and rock, with influences that include Amy lee, Anna Nalick, Taylor Momsen and Brent Smith amongst others. Keep an eye on this one.


Hein’s story is one steeped in mystery and wonder. One day on their travels, The Renegades were drawn inexplicably into the Helderberg Mountain Range, intrigued by the sound of rolling thunder, throbbing with an alluring rhythm. In the very heart of this vibrating storm they found a man soaked in rainfall, playing a bass guitar that seemed to be plugged into the muddy ground where he stood. Mesmerised, The Renegades required no explanation for what they saw. They simply asked him to join their cause, to which he replied, ‘Cool, sure thing’. His name was Heinrich but you can also call him Johnny Hurricane.

Catch both of them on stage with us soon!